Welcome to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (UWEC) Student Managed Investment Fund website! 

This website includes background information about the class that manages the fund and introduces the student analysts, advising board, and Finance instructors involved in the program.  The site also includes sector analysis and reports by the student analysts as well as individual stock research and presentations.  The fund is managed as a key element of the UWEC course titled FIN439 Investment Strategy.

Finally, periodic reports and real-time reporting of the portfolio will also be available soon.

Current UW-Eau Claire Student Managed Investment Fund Weekly Update 10/14/20

Current UW-Eau Claire Student Managed Investment Fund Portfolio


Class Description

This course focuses on practical, hands-on investment management. Students will be able to apply the theories that they have learned in the prerequisite courses as well as in-class discussion.  The course will provide students with actual practical experiences in the process of portfolio management, from the overall development of an Investment Philosophy to in-depth analysis of financial statements to individual stock valuation.

In the initial Fall semester 2017, the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Foundation provided $150,000 for the fund.  The student analysts will be fully responsible for managing the portfolio, subject to the any applicable restrictions based on the source of funds.  The group’s portfolio performance will be tracked by the class and presented at various times throughout the year and at year-end. 

Course Methodology

The teaching method will blend guest speakers with hands-on group projects and individual or group stock presentations.  Class meetings will focus on the practical aspects of certain topics that are directly relevant to portfolio investment.  Several guest lecturers and attendance by investment professionals serving as mentors will help enhance the class understanding of the actual industry practice.

This course will track the job requirements of stock analysts and portfolio managers as much as possible. Thus, students are expected to do a substantial amount of analysis and presentation, working both as a team and on an individual basis.  The instructor will provide guidelines, assistance, leads, and consultation in the process.

Course Objectives

  1. Learn to analyze and critically evaluate ideas, arguments, and points of view.

  2. Develop specific skills, competencies, and points of view needed by professionals in the field most closely related to this course.

  3. Write business documents that contain appropriate content, are organized effectively, demonstrate professionalism, and follow conventions for standard business English.

  4. Demonstrate effective oral and nonverbal communication skills in teams.

  5. Exhibit effective interpersonal communication and constructive behaviors.

  6. Understand and apply a structured process for solving problems.



Students are required to apply to the program, submitting background information, current resume, and a one-page essay indicating why they are interested in the program and how it relates to their individual career goals.  Twenty "Junior Analysts" are selected in a highly competitive application process.

In addition, nine “Senior Analysts” will be chosen from the prior semester analysts.  Senior Analysts gain additional critical experience in leading a team of Junior Analysts, teaching certain elements of the course, assisting with projects, and other tasks.

Bloomberg Terminal

An important resource of the course is utilization of the Bloomberg terminal.  Participants in the course are extremely grateful to Presto Industries for providing the necessary funding to acquire the terminal.  Access to the terminal provides the students not only with the opportunity to perform professional research, but also to earn certification in the Bloomberg Market Concepts course, which is required of each analyst. 


          Thank you Presto Industries!