Analysts of the Month: March 2021

Junior Analysts of the Month

Carter Morrissette Analyst of the Month.

Carter is being recognized by his peers for his active participation. As a listener he is always present asking timely and thoughtful questions that he and the rest of the class benefits from in discussion. He is also willing to share his own thoughts that help enrich class conversation. He helps his peers view challenging topics from different perspectives which helps the class become more well-rounded.

Grant Shaffer Analyst of the Month.png

Grant has been selected as a Junior Analyst of the Month for sharing his passion and knowledge for portfolio management. He leads in class discussions by sharing his thoughts on topics we have never visited before. He is very supportive of his fellow analysts and is recognized for helping others understand class projects as well as being quick to compliment others for their efforts and contributions.

Senior Analyst of the Month

Frank White Analyst of the Month.png

Frank has been chosen as the Senior Analyst of the Month for leading in class discussion and demonstrating his strong understanding for sectors outside of those he is assigned. He always comes to class prepared and is well-spoken when sharing his thoughts and asking questions. He challenges his peers to think critically and his passion for the class has been recognized by all.

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