Analysts of the Month: April 2021

Junior Analysts of the Month

Trevor Speich Analyst of the Month.png

Trevor has been recognized by his peers for taking on very complicated and difficult to understand topics and explaining them to members of the program both in presentations and in-class discussion. He asks some of the best and most challenging questions that everyone benefits from hearing. Many have applauded his performance in the first stock pitch of the semester and his well-rounded knowledge on the company Microchip Technology (MCHP), which assisted his team in successfully getting the stock added to our portfolio. Overall, his growing participation has been noticed by his peers and he is always coming up with valuable opinions and comments that contribute to enriching class discussions. We are also happy to announce he will be continuing with the program next semester as a Senior Analyst. 

Ethan Teow Analyst of the Month.png

Ethan is a recipient of the Analyst of the Month Award for his thoughtful perspectives and consistently high standard of work he produces for the class. His upbeat demeanor is appreciated when projects and situations begin to get challenging, and they really shine through in his public speaking. This especially became clear in his contributions for his first stock pitch on Monster Beverage Corporation (MSNT), where he and his team had a well-researched presentation that exceeded all expectations. He has humbly admitted being behind on his financial background in comparison to his peers, but he has jumped in feet first and has demonstrated his commitment to learning. His peers are awarding those efforts today with selecting him for Junior Analyst of the Month. We are also excited to see Ethan again next semester as a Senior Analyst.

Senior Analyst of the Month

Jack Murphy Analyst of the Month.png

Jack has earned the Analyst of the Month Award for his significant contributions to the program this semester. He is responsible for laying the groundwork for an excel file that monitors all the stocks in both of our portfolios. It allows us to quickly check the historical returns of each stock and portfolio, as well as assists analysts in following the newly established investment policies laid forth by the exiting Senior Analyst team. Jack is also responsible for introducing us to Tom Sagissor, President of RBC Wealth Management, that led to an enlightening 45-minute career discussion and Q&A. Outside of these pinnacle contributions, Jack is also highly regarded among his peers for providing excellent advice to the Junior Analysts regardless of their sector. He helped many Junior Analysts prepare for their first stock pitches this semester. We thank him for his lasting contributions, and frequent smiles that he gave everyone after having conversations with him as he exits the program this semester.

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